Look forward to an easier everyday

Marlene Landsfeldt - Mambeno

We’re getting rapidly closer and are working hard as busy little bees to get Mambeno UK ready for you. But until then, I’d like to tell you the story behind Mambeno, so you can get to know me and Mambeno a little bit better.

I’m a mother of two, married to Morten, and in 2016 I was working as a brand manager at one of Denmarks largest media corporations. But having two little children and a full time job made the everyday life busy and the daily brain-wracking in the supermarket aisles too frequent.

And so we – like many other families with young children – ended up with the same handful of dishes on the dinner table and plenty of kitchen stress at teatime.

And the recipes and meal plans, which were already out there, were neither kid-friendly, realistic or economical to follow having a busy life of full-time jobs, after school activities and playdates.

The dream of a more stress-less life
This caused the idea of a service with a weekly, handy and fully-formed meal plan with family friendly, tasty, easy and accessible dishes. A meal plan where all the ingredients are put to use throughout the week and where everything can be found at a regular supermarket. And if you could even get away with only doing one weekly shop and could be sure that the kids would get both fish and veg – with a bit of a treat here and there – life would be a bit easier.

So – I quit my job and founded Mambeno. Hoping our meal plans would make life a bit easier for other busy families in Denmark. And now – two years after the dream arose – thousands of families have now gotten a simpler everyday with Mambeno. And now that dream is about to be a reality in the UK, too!

We’re all doing the best we can
I hope we can help make your everyday life a bit more relaxed and less hectic – and all together let go of the guilty conscience. It’s not like the kids measure parent-cool-points based on how much homemade bread is served – so let’s relax.

At Mambeno we’re not fanatical – we love veggies, fish and wholegrain just as we love marshmallows and hot chocolate. And so do our kids.

I hope you and your family will be happy with us and get an easier everyday with Mambeno. And I’d love if you’d share your thoughts, ideas and feedback (good and bad) with us. Because you and your family are what matters to us at Mambeno. You are always welcome to email me at marlene@mambeno.co.uk or by replying to this email.

We’re not happy until you’re happy (and full!)

Enjoy – we look forward to welcoming you and your family soon!

All the best,

Marlene Landsfeldt

Co-founder, Mambeno