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Frequently asked questions

I’ve forgotten my password

Don’t worry! It happens to us too… When you get to our login page, just click “Lost password?”, and we’ll send you a mail about how to make a new one.

When will I receive the meal plan for next week?

We send out meal plans for the coming week every Thursday. Then you have some time to prep the shopping for the coming week. Remember that with Mambeno’s recipes, you only have to shop once a week!

I’d like to cancel my subscription

Aw, we’re sorry to hear that, but that’s of course okay. At Mambeno the most important thing is satisfied customers – and happy kids!

You can cancel your subscription by going to the menu option “MY SUBSCRIPTION” under “My Mambeno”. Click “DETAILS” next to your subscription, and then click “CANCEL”.

I got a new payment card and the payment failed

Fortunately, it’s easy to change your payment card at

1. Go to My Mambeno – My purchases

2. Click “PAY” next to your latest order

3. Simply complete the failed payment with your new card, and all future payments will come out of this card

If you’re still experiencing issues, just get in touch with us. Then we’ll help you as soon as possible, so you can go back to receiving meal plans and recipes every week!

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