Homemade burgers


( 2 adults and 2 kids )

  •  french fries
  • 100 gramsbacon slices
  • 250 gramsportobello mushrooms
  • 500 gramsbeef mince
  • 50 gramssliced cheese
  •  lettuce of your choice
  • 0.5 cucumber
  • tomato
  • burger buns
  •  burger dressing
  •  salt
  •  pepper
  •  olive oil
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No introduction needed! Nothing tops or even rivals the ultimate kid classic - super juicy burgers with the works. Enjoy!


1. Switch on the oven and cook the chips according to the bag - or try our tasty homemade fries, if you have some time to spare. You'll get the recipe by clicking the link in the tips section.

2. Place the bacon on a cold, dry pan and switch on the hob. Cook the bacon until crispy and place on a bit of kitchen roll. Wash the mushroom and cut into thick slices. Cook in the bacon grease, season with salt and pepper and cover with aluminium foil. Shape four patties from the mince, season with salt and pepper and chuck them on the grill - or with an extra dash of oil on the pan you used for the bacon and mushrooms. Once you've flipped the burgers, pop a few slices of cheese on each patty, so the cheese melt while the patty cooks - that gives it the proper "pro"-burger look!

3. Chop up the rest of the veggies the way you like them.

4. Warm the burger buns in the oven or on the toaster. Butter with the burger dressing, which can also be used as dip for the chips. Pop all your favourite toppings on your burgers and serve with chips. Open as wide as you can, and keep plenty of napkins ready!

5. Enjoy!


You can find our recipe for crispy chips right here.

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