Chicken curry with chicken meatballs and courgette


Freezer friendly

( 2 adults and 2 kids )

  •  wholegrain rice
  • 2 litrewater
  • 2 cubechicken stock
  • onion
  • courgette
  • egg
  • 600 gramschicken mince
  • 100 mlmilk
  • 1 tspdried thyme
  • 50 gramsbreadcrumbs
  • 50 gramsbutter
  • 75 gramsplain flour
  •  water for boiling
  •  curry
  •  salt
  •  pepper
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Chicken curry is a hit in most families - including ours! Here we've done a slight twist and made lovely low-fat chicken meatballs, and we've snuck a bit of courgette in as well. Note that this dish is intended to last two days - and is served with rice and snack veggies on day two. Enjoy!


1. Boil the rice following the instructions on the packet. Pour the water into a pot along with the stock cubes and bring to the boil.

2. Finely chop the onion - or give it a blitz in the food processor with a bit of milk, if you want to completely avoid any chunks of onion. Rinse the courgette and finely grate it - or give that a whiz in the food processor as well. Squeeze as much liquid out of the grated courgette as you can. Mix onion, courgette, egg, chicken mince, thyme, milk and breadcrumbs in a bowl with a bit of salt and pepper. Optionally, cook a little tester meatball to see if it's seasoned to your liking.

3. Form nice little meatballs with a spoon and carefully place them in the boiling water. Let the balls simmer until they float to the top and are cooked through. Remove from the water and place on a plate. Pour the used water into a bowl or jug.

4. Melt the butter into the same pot you used for boiling the meatballs, add the flour, and whisk as much as you can! Add a bit of meatball water and whisk again. Keep going until you've run out of meatball water, or until the sauce has the thickness you like. Remember to whisk out all of the clumps before you add more water. Mix a bit of curry into a cup of water and add it in little by little, tasting as you go, so the curry is exactly as strong or mild as you want it.

5. Add salt and pepper to taste - and optionally a bit more stock if you reckon it's needed. Pop the meatballs back in the pot and let them warm back up. Serve with piping hot rice and optionally a bit of herb sprinkles, if you've that sort handy! Enjoy!


If the curry sauce gets too thin, thicken it with some flour, or a thickener mixed with some water in a cup. Remember to save the leftovers for tomorrow.

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