Yummy vegan chocolate spread


( 2 adults and 2 kids )

  • 250 gramstinned butterbeans
  • 2 tbspsyrup
  • 1 tspvanilla sugar
  • 1 tbsppeanutbutter
  • 30 gramsraisins*
  • 2 tbspcocoa powder
  • 2 tbspwater
  •  salt
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Woop woop! This chocolate spread is super delicious, despite being absolutely vegan! We've used butterbeans, which have a neutral flavour and creamy consistency, and then we're blending all of the ingredients to make the spread reminiscent of Nutella. Enjoy!


1. Drain the butterbeans and rinse them well.

2. Pop all the ingredients in a mini chopper or a food processor, and give the lot a good whirl until it has a creamy and smooth consistency.

3. Season to taste with a smidge of salt, and a bit more syrup if needed.

4. Pop the chocolate spread onto bread, crispbread or use it as topping for cakes and the like.

5. Enjoy!


Tasks for kids in the kitchen: Let your kids rinse the beans and place all the ingredients in the mini chopper - BEFORE it's switched on! They can of course also help with tasting... Yum!

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