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  • 150 gramspeanuts
  • 150 gramsdates*
  • 2 tbspboiling water
  • 3 tbsppeanut butter
  • 150 gramsdark chocolate
  •  cling film
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They are MEGA scrumptious, these Snickers-snacks. They're creamy, crunchy and delicious. A bit like a classic Snickers. They're perfect snacks in the packed lunch, to fix falling blood sugar in the afternoon, or for dessert. Enjoy!


1. Pop peanuts in a mini chopper and give them a spin, until roughly chopped. Set aside.

2. If the dates have stones, remove these - or your mini chopper will pay the price. And your teeth! We're just saying...

3. Put dates, boiling water and peanutbutter in a mini chopper. Blend into an even mass and then mix with the chopped peanuts.

4. Coat a bread tin or similar with cling film and pour the mass into it, about 1-1.5 cm thick.

5. Melt chocolate in a bain marie or the microwave.

6. Pour the melted chocolate over the peanut mass. If there's some peanuts left over, you can sprinkle them over the chocolate. Pop the tin in the freezer and give it a few hours in the cold. Then you can flip the chocolate bar out onto the table and cut it into appropriate snack-pieces.

7. Store in a tin in the fridge - if you have time, before they're eaten!

8. Enjoy!


Tasks for kids in the kitchen: Let your kids remove the stones from the dates. They can also help putting all the ingredients in the mini chopper - and of course to taste and lick bowls as you go!

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