Sesame drumsticks with coleslaw


( 2 adults and 2 kids )

  • Sesame drumsticks
  • chicken drumsticks
  • 25 gramssesame seeds
  • 0.5 cucumber
  •  olive oil
  •  baking parchment
  •  salt
  •  pepper
  • Coleslaw
  • 0.5 headcabbage
  • 300 gramscarrots*
  • 200 mlskyr*
  • 3 tbspmayonnaise
  • 1 tbspacacia honey*
  • 1 tbspsweet mustard
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Chicken drumsticks is a winner in most families with kids. They're easy to cook and the little ones love them. Here we've coated the drumsticks in sesame seeds and served them with a classic coleslaw and snack veggies. If the kids still aren't convinced by the whole "veg" concept, serve a wholewheat baguette or rye bread on the side - or cook a bit of wholegrain rice or wholewheat pasta.


1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees convection.

2. Pop the drumsticks in an oiled roasting tin (or covered with baking parchment). Drizzle the drumsticks with a good dash of olive oil, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake for approx. 30 minutes - but keep in mind that both ovens and chickens come in all sorts, so cook the drumsticks until cooked through and the roasting juices run clear.

3. Meanwhile, chop the cabbage and carrots into thin strips - either with a knife or a mandolin - and mind your fingers! Mix skyr, mayonnaise, acacia honey and sweet mustard to make a dressing, and add salt and pepper to taste. Mix with cabbage and carrot strips.

4. Wash the cucumber and cut into sticks for snack veg. Serve with the crispy drumsticks and the classic coleslaw - maybe with a sprinkle of herbs, if you have any.

5. Enjoy!


Remember to save a drumstick or two for the little ones' packed lunches. If you can't find skyr or just aren't fully convinced by it yet, you can substitute it for yoghurt, or good old fashioned mayonnaise if you prefer.

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