Quick prawn noodles in sweet and sour sauce


( 2 adults and 2 kids )

  •  wholewheat noodles
  • 25 mlsoy sauce
  • 1 tbspred curry paste
  • 3 tbspbrown sugar
  • 3 tbspvinegar
  • 100 mlwater
  • 450 gramsfrozen wok mix
  • 0.5 headpointed cabbage
  • 200 gramslarge prawns
  • 1 clovegarlic
  • lemon
  •  olive oil
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Here at Mambeno we LOVE wok dishes, and so do our kids. Here's a super easy and quick wok dish with frozen wok mix, noodles, garlic fried prawns and sweet and sour sauce. Enjoy!


1. Cook the noodles according to the packet.

2. Whisk soy sauce, curry paste, brown sugar, vinegar and water in a small saucepan. Bring to the boil and let simmer for about five minutes, until thickened slightly. Have a taste - it should be half sweet, half sour (as the name suggests).

3. Fry the frozen veggies in some olive oil in a large pot or wok - watch out for sputtering when the frozen veg hits the hot oil. Fry while stirring for 3-5 minutes.

4. Cut pointed cabbage into strips, add to the wok and cook for another 5 or so minutes.

5. Flash fry the prawns with pressed garlic in some olive oil on a pan, until the prawns firm up.

6. Mix veggies with sweet and sour sauce and noodles, and season to taste with soy sauce.

7. Serve in deep plates with prawns and a slice of lemon on top.

8. Enjoy!


Tasks for younger kids in the kitchen: Let your kids help stir the wok. They can also help fry the prawns and set the table.

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