Prawn jambalaya


Freezer friendly

( 2 adults and 2 kids )

  • 125 gramsfrozen peeled prawns
  • 1 literwater
  • 2 cubevegetable stock
  • onion
  • 1 clovegarlic
  • 300 gramswhite rice
  • 1 canchopped tomatoes
  • 1 tbsppaprika
  • 75 gramstomato purée
  • green bell pepper
  • red bell pepper
  • spring onions- optional
  •  olive oil
  •  salt
  •  pepper
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Jambalaya is the "national" dish of Louisiana, but is still fairly bloody tasty here in Britain! Here we've made our own version with prawns that won't burn your tongue off. But if you and the family love a bit of flames, just add a handful of chilli!


1. Defrost the prawns and let the drip off. Pop them on a bit of kitchen roll to suck up the excess water. Pop a pot of water and stock cubes on the hob to boil. Once the stock boils, turn down the heat and leave it to gently simmer.

2. Finely dice onion and garlic and cook for a few minutes with a dash of olive oil while stirring, in a big pot or sautée pan.

3. Add rice, chopped tomatoes, paprika and tomato purée and stir until it boils. Add a quarter of the stock and let it gently simmer until the liquid is almost completely absorbed. Then add another quarter, and keep going that way another two times until the stock is all gone. Remember to stir as you go! This will take about 20 minutes.

4. Finely dice the washed bell peppers and spring onion and add them along with the prawns. Heat while stirring and be careful your jambalaya doesn't get too thick. If it does, just add a bit more water and a bit more stock cube if needed.

5. Season with salt and pepper and serve with a sprinkle of herbs, such as parsley, if you have any in. But it'll taste just fine without!

6. Enjoy!

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