Homemade marshmallows


( Lots! )

  • 18 sheetgelatin
  • 200 mlelderflower cordial
  • 50 mlwater
  • 500 gramssugar
  • 3 tspvanilla sugar
  • 200 gramspowdered sugar- plus extra for dusting
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We'll come right out and say it: Get ready for an addictive treat! Homemade marshmallows aren't hard to make at all, and you can add whatever flavour or colour you like. Such as our version with elderflower. In other words: homemade sweets with endless variations. What's not to like? Enjoy!


1. Soak the gelatin in a bowl of cold water. Place one sheet into the water at a time, so they don't stick together, and leave to soak.

2. Pour cordial, water, sugar and vanilla sugar in a pot and bring to the boil over low heat. Remember to stir frequently. Let the syrupy mass boil for about 15 minutes, or until it has a temperature of 110 degrees. Use a sugar or grill thermometer to check, but make sure it doesn't touch the bottom of the pot.

3. While the syrup boils, prep a tin or baking tray and sift a good layer of powdered sugar onto the bottom - about half a centimetre.

4. When the syrup is done, switch off the hob and leave the mass to cool for about 5 minutes, or until the temperature is about 80 degrees.

5. Squeeze all the water out of the gelatin and place one sheet at a time into the syrup. This is one of the tasks the kids will think is super fun to help with - but be careful! The mass is hot! Dissolve each sheet of gelatin into the syrup before placing in the next. When all the gelatin is dissolved, place the syrupy mass into a mixer or bowl, and whisk on full speed for 10-15 minutes.

6. Be careful not to whisk too much, so the mass gets too stiff. The consistency is right, when the mass doesn't drip, but slowly slides off the whisk.

7. Now spread the mass into the baking tray or tin. A good tip is to "attach" the mass on one side, and then stretch it out onto the rest of the tin. Finally, sift a good layer of powdered sugar on top, and leave to sit for about two hours.

8. Free the mass from the sides, and place the sheet of hardened mallow mass onto a cutting board. Use a pizza wheel or a sharp knife to cut the mass into exactly the shapes and sizes, you and the kids prefer. Coat the pieces in a bit of powdered sugar so they don't stick.

9. All that's left to say is: YUM!


If you want to add flavour to the marshmallows, you can mix in various flavours, after you've added the gelatin. Such ascaramel extract, some liquorice powder or similar. It's also fun to hide a little gummy bear, a piece of chocolate or whatever you like in the marshmallows. Just press it into the mass after you've spread it into the tin or tray.

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