Flat iron steak with hasselback potatoes and fennel salad


( 2 adults and 2 kids )

  • Flat Iron Steak
  • 800 gramspotatoes
  • fennel
  • 0.5 cucumber
  • 0.5 melon
  • 50 gramsalmonds*
  •  bearnaise sauce
  •  dressing of your choice
  •  pepper
  •  salt
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We love flat iron steak! It's a somewhat overlooked cut of meat, but super easy to cook, afforable, and tastes brilliant! Give it some heat on the barbecue or cook it in the kitchen. Enjoy!


1. Preheat your oven to 220 degrees convection - and additionally fire up the grill, if the weather agrees.

2. Peel or clean the potatoes. Cut slices 3/4 through and place the potatoes in a baking tray and drizzle some olive oil, salt and pepper over. Bake until golden - about 35 minutes.

3. Season the steak with salt and pepper - unless you've invested in the marinated version. Then use it as is. Sear the steak with a bit of olive oil on a pan - or quickly sear on both sides on the grill. Place it in a baking tray, pop a dash of water in the bottom, place the tray on the grill under lid on indirect heat or in the oven, and turn the heat down to 160 degrees.

4. A tip: Hold your thumb and index finger outstretched and lightly press on the stretched bit of skin between them. When the meat feels the same, it's cooked medium. When finished, take the meat off the heat and let it rest uncovered for about 10 minutes on a cutting board. Turn the oven back on to 220 to do the potatoes.

5. Roast the almonds on a dry pan, let them cool and chop them. Wash the fennel and slice as thinly as possible. Use a mandolin slicer if you have one. Save a bit of the green top for garnish. And mind your fingers - you'll need them to play Monopoly and wrap Christmas presents for the rest of your days!

6. Rinse and halve the cucumber, and remove the seedy bit in the middle. Slice the cucumber the way you like it best. Cut the melon into small pieces. Mix everything together and whip up a quick dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

7. Get the bearnaise sauce ready. Slice the meat across the grain, and serve with the tasty fennel salad, crispy potatoes and bearnaise. Enjoy!

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