Bagels with smoked salmon, greens and curry dressing


( 2 adults and 2 kids )

  • wholewheat bagels
  • 100 gramsbacon slices
  • tomato
  • 0.5 cucumber
  •  lettuce of your choice
  • 300 gramscarrots*
  • 200 gramssmoked salmon
  •  curry sauce or other dressing
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Bagels are a delicious alternative to burgers and classic sandwiches. Bagels are boiled in water before they're baked, which gives them an amazing and slightly denser texture. And you can find bagels with an endless array of different toppings! Pick the version you like the best, or play around with making your own. Here we've filled the bagels with smoked salmon and lots of greens. Enjoy!


1. Heat the bagels in the oven following the instructions on the packet. Cook the bacon until crispy in a dry pan.

2. Rinse tomatoes and cucumber and slice both. Rinse the lettuce and tear into smaller pieces. Peel the carrots and cut into sticks for snack veggies. Put bagels, bacon, salmon and additional toppings on the table in small bowls.

3. Let the family put together their own favourite bagels, and munch away!

4. Enjoy!


We've figured one bagel per person - if your bagels are small, or your lot is extra hungry, remember to adjust your shopping list, and optionally add more snack veggies.

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