Terms & conditions for Mambeno

Mambeno is a brand owned by GoLittle LLC, CVR no: 37945579 (GoLittle). When you use services delivered under the brand Mambeno, GoLittle is the party with which you enter an agreement. These terms and conditions only apply to the Mambeno brand and no other GoLittle services. For the sake of clarity, “Mambeno” is used below, however the actual legal entity is GoLittle.

At Mambeno, you’re the most important. We work hard every single day to ensure that you and all our other customers are happy. We don’t just want to provide the best meal plans for families in England – we want to do it the proper way.

Below you can read our terms and conditions. They apply to the general use of our website, www.mambeno.co.uk, and our mobile app, which can be downloaded on the iOS App Store (along with the “Mambeno user interface”), unless it is specifically stated in a given section that this only applies to our website or our app.


To make a purchase on the Mambeno User Interface, you need to get through five steps.

  1. Find the item or items you want, place them in your basket and proceed to checkout.
  2. Enter your details
  3. Choose shipping and billing methods
  4. Approve our T&Cs
  5. Check that all the information is correct on the Summary page and approve the purchase

Age restrictions

You must be over the age of 18 to shop on the Mambeno User Interface, so if you are under the age of 18, you need consent from your parent or guardian. Should a subscription agreement be made by a person under the age of 18, this can easily be annulled by contacting our customer service.


All prices on the Mambeno Interface are stated in Great British Pounds (GBP). All prices include VAT and other fees. The prices are for the day in question. When shopping with Mambeno, agreements are made in Danish.

Accepted payment methods:

Visa Electron
American Express
Apple in-app subscriptions (when the iOS launches in late 2018)

With Mambeno you pay no credit card fees or other payment fees. We pay those.

The payment will only be taken from your account once the items are shipped from Mambeno. It is never possible to charge an amount larger than the one you approved at purchase.

Conditions of Mambenos subscriptions with recurring payments

Subscriptions with Mambeno are recurring subscriptions, which continue until cancelled. Payment happens in advance of the agreed period, and at the end of a given period, payment will be made for the coming period. Cancellation of your subscription can be done with no notice.


If you begin a subscription within the Mambeno app, all meal plans, recipes, etc. are delivered through the app – but you can also access the meal plans and recipes on mambeno.co.uk.

If you begin a subscription on mambeno.co.uk you can access all meal plans, recipes, etc. on both mambeno.co.uk and within the app. When you subscribe to the meal plan on both mambeno.co.uk and within the app you will also receive a reminder email when a new meal plan is ready.

The meal plan for the coming week will be sent out every Thursday. If you begin a subscription on a Wednesday, you will receive your first meal plan reminder via email the next day. If you begin a subscription on a Friday, you will receive your first meal plan via email the following Thursday. You will of course have instant access to the meal plans and other subscription services on mambeno.co.uk.

The Mambeno meal plans contain dinner recipes for Monday – Friday.

When you begin a subscription on mambeno.co.uk, you will receive a confirmation email, and should the subscription be changed or cancelled. When you begin a subscription through the Mambeno mobile app, you will receive the confirmation through the app.


When the 30-day free trial is up, the first payment will be taken for your subscription. The free trial os exclusive to new members. The payment will be taken on the day of the month your subscription was made after the first month. Although the first working day, should the date fall on a weekend or bank holiday.


At Mambeno, we treat you better than the law requires. We only ever want happy customers, which is why we have no cancellation period. That means you can cancel your subscription absolutely any time.

You can cancel your subscription at the latest on the day before the next payment date to avoid being charged for another month, quarter or year, depending on your subscription.

If you began your subscription on mambeno.co.uk, you can cancel your membership under “My Mambeno”. Proceed to the menu item “My subscription”. Click “DETAILS” next to your subscription and then click “CANCEL”.

If you began your subscription through the Mambeno mobile app (iOS app is planned for release in late 2018), cancellation on your phone happens the following way:

  1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store
  2. Press your Apple ID at the top of your screen.
  3. Press Show Apple ID. You may need to log in or use Touch ID.
  4. Press Subscriptions.
  5. Press the subscription you want to amend.

Procedure for updating card details

Fortunately, it’s easy to update your card details!

If you began your subscription via our mobile app, change your card details the following way:

  1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.
  2. Press your Apple ID. You may be asked to confirm your Apple ID.
  3. Press Payment Details.
  4. Enter your new payment details. If you want to remove your payment method, select None. Read more about what to do, if you don’t have the None option or cannot select it.
  5. Make sure your name and billing address match with the information held at your bank or credit union.

When you’ve changed your payment details for a credit card, iTunes Store will make a temporary reservation on your card to verify the updated account details.

If you began your subscription on mambeno.co.uk, go to the menu item “My subscription” under “My Mambeno”. Click “DETAILS” by your subscription and then click “CHANGE PAYMENT”.

Should you experience issues or have further questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help you straight away. Write to us at hello@mambeno.co.uk

Failed payments

This can be due to several things, but the most common reasons are that you’ve gotten a new card, or insufficient funds in the account.

Regarding new cards, see above.

Should there be insufficient funds in the account when we attempt the payment for the coming subscription period, your subscription will be paused, and you will receive an email stating this. We will attempt the payment again in the days following, and will try a maximum of 5 times before your subscription is cancelled.

If you regret your subscription purchase (cancellation rights)

You get the first 30 days free the first time you sign up for a Mambeno subscription. You can, at any point throughout the 30 days, cancel your subscription without it costing you a penny. When the 30 day trial period has ended, we will automatically charge your chosen payment method for the agreed upon period.

After this point, our cancellation terms apply – and they’re dead simple, as we don’t have any. You can at any point cancel your subscription, and we will cancel all of your future payments.

Changes to our terms and conditions

Mambeno maintains the right to change these general terms and conditions, our personal data policy and cookie policy with immediate effect. Changes that might negatively impact you as the user will not apply unless you have specifically accepted the changes.

The foundation for these terms and conditions, personal data policy and cookie policy are in Danish law. Any twist as a result or in conjuction with this must be litigated with the Copenhagen Circuit Court, Denmark, at first instance.

Should a term be or become void or illegal, this shall not impact the validity of the remaining terms.


What do we do with your personal details (personal data policy)? Mambenos collection and treatment of personal details fall under the EU statute on data protection (EU statute 2016/679) which is a directly binding statute. The statute provides additional rights to individuals and strengthen some rights already provided in directive 95/46/EF. Directive 95/46/EF will cease to apply on May 25th, 2018. Our policy is joined with statue (EU) 2016/679, and for this reason also joinable with directive 95/46/EF as well as national applications hereof, until these expire on May 25th, 2018.

To enter into a subscription agreement with us on the Mambeno User Interface, we need the following details:

Telephone number
Email address

We register your details with the purpose of delivering our product to you. The personal details are registered with Mambeno and are stored for five years, after which the information is deleted. When personal details are collected via the Mambeno User Interface, we ensure that his always happens with your express consent, so you are informed exactly what information is collected and why.

The data responsible party at Mambeno is Marlene Landsfeldt.

We do not encrypt our customer details.

We encrypt customer data when these are transmitted, with the exception of emails sent to customers containing their own details.

Transactions are ALWAYS encrypted, and Mambeno DOES NOT store your credit card details.

The credit card details are not stored by Mambeno, but by Stripe, when a subscription is started on mambeno.co.uk, and by Apple, when a subscription is started via our mobile app.

Personal details are not shared with any third party, with the exception of circumstances wherein such disclosure is necessary in the delivery of our services. Examples of this could be a tech corporation which treats or delivers systems or technologies that improve our products and services, and we will share the necessary information in these cases. Service providers are only granted access to the personal data required to provide the service. We do not publish personal data to third parties with the purpose of advertising their products our services to our customers. If users do not want us share personal data with such companies, please contact us at hello@mambeno.co.uk.

In certain situations Mambeno may be asked to publish customer data in connection with a legal claim by relevant authorities to accord with statute (EU) 2016/679. We may also publish data if compelled or required by the law, e.g. in connection with depositions or other legal matters, where we in good faith believe the publication of such to is necessary to protect our rights, protect customer or other personal safety, in connection with a fraud investigation or if compelled by a subpoena.

Mambeno may with consent send you marketing emails. Consent to this must happen willingly, specifically and clearly. This happens when you elect to receive marketing emails (actively chosen).

You always have the right to oppose, for free and by request, the processing of personal data relating to you in relation to direct marketing activities without providing any particular reason. You can do this by using the “Unsubscribe”-link found in every email sent by us, or by contacting us at hello@mambeno.co.uk.

Once a customer has objected, this customers personal data will no longer be used for direct marketing purposes.

Marketing emails contain information which we believe would be of interest to you, such as the latest information regarding our products and services.

As a registered member with Mambeno, you have the right ot at any time object to your registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is registered about you. These rights are provided to you by the data protection laws and queries relating to this should be directed via email to hello@mambeno.co.uk.


If you would like to make a complaint regarding your purchase, this should be directed via email to hello@mambeno.co.uk or via phone to +45 71 96 97 37. Should the unlikely event occur in which we cannot come to a solution regarding your problem, you can make use of the EU-commissions online complaints portal, which will be especially relevant to you if you reside outside of Denmark. You will find the complaints portal here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

General details

Bomose Allé 3
3200 Helsinge

Mambeno is a brand owned by GoLittle LLC
CVR: 37945579
Email address: hello@mambeno.co.uk
Telephone number: +44 20 3936 1209
Established: 2014


Mambeno respects our users privacy and are required to protect all types of personal data submitted by our users to our website.

By accessing, browsing and/or using our website, you agree that you’ve read, understood and acknowledged the terms and conditions of this cookie policy and thus consent to the use of cookies in accordance with these terms.

Generally, our users can visit our website without telling us who they are or revealing any kind of personal details. Our website uses cookies to ensure the best possible user experience. Cookies are little text files, placed in the users browser to trace usage and register preferences. Our cookies contain no identifying information.

Cookies can either be “persistent” cookies or “session” cookies: A persistent cookie is stored by a web browser and applies until the set expiration date, should it not be deleted by the user before the expiration date. A session cookie expires at the end of a user consultation, when the web browser is exitted. We use both session and persistent cookies on our website.

We also use Google Analytics to anlyse the use of our website. Our provider of analytics services generates statistics and ther information regarding website use through cookies. The cookies used for website analysis on our website are: _ga, _gat.

The information brought forward in relation to our website are used to create reports about the usage of our website. Our provider of analytic services’ personal data policy is accessible at http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/

Users can administrate and/or delete cookies – for more details, please see aboutcookies.org. To block or delete all cookies have a negative effect on the stability of many websites.

If users elect to block our cookies, they will not be able to utilise the full functionalities of the website.

This policy may occasionally be updated, e.f. due to modifications of relevant legislation or changes in our internal business structure. We urge all our users to regularly re-read this page for the latest details of our data protection policies.