The Mambeno food

Mambeno’s recipes and meal plans are especially tailored for families with young kids and busy schedules! Our own kids attend lots of after-school activities, play dates and are tired when they get home from school or daycare. That’s why our recipes are firstly and foremostly realistic. They need to be simple and quick to make – while being delicious, so everyone in the family gets a full belly.

Most of our recipes are developed so you need to spend at most 35 minutes in the kitchen. And if there are dishes that need a bit more time and attention, they will usually be on the meal plan for Friday, where there’s more time to play with.

Buy everything – or make it yourself!

Not a lot of parents have the time to pickle their own beets, butcher a pig and bake beautiful bread every afternoon. That’s why all of the Mambeno recipes and meal plans are developed to make it completely up to you if you want to buy all of your ingredients ready-made – or, if you have some time to spare, want to make some of it yourself. If you click the chef’s hat, it will take you to a recipe so you can make the ingredient yourself.

If you’re making pizza, for instance, you can choose to buy tomato sauce and pizza dough from the supermarket, or you can click the chef’s hat, get the recipe and make the lot from scratch. We think that’s quite clever! Do remember to remove the store-bought pizza dough and tomato sauce from your shopping list, if you’ve added the recipes to make it yourself.

All the ingredients can be bought in a regular supermarket!

One of the most important jobs for us at Mambeno is to make your day-to-day easier and less stressed. So we’ve taken care to ensure that you won’t have to dart around to four different specialist shops to do your shopping. Our recipes are designed so you can buy everything you need in a regular supermarket or superstore.

Kid favourites – and new flavours!

You don’t need to feel guilty that your kids don’t love spinach as much as they love skittles. Our kids don’t either! For that reason, you’ll often find dishes with rice, potatoes and pasta in the Mambeno meal plans. But there’s also plenty of veg. They’ve just been made more child-friendly, so they’re either “camouflaged” a bit, or f.ex. served as snack veggies with a tasty dip, for the little ones to munch away on.

And on top of introducing new flavours and lesser known dishes, we also make sure the meal plans often feature favourites like spag bol, curry, pizza, etc.

Kitchen time and family time!

For most parents it’s important to know how much time they’ll need to spend in the kitchen, and how much time they have for all the other things.

That’s why all of our recipes state the kitchen time as well as the waiting time. Kitchen time is the time you need to spend in the kitchen – and waiting time the time you can spend on something else. For instance, if you’re making a lasagne, it takes an hour in total. But actually, you only need to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen. The rest of the time, the lasagne minds itself in the oven, so you can take a breather, have a brew and spend time with your kids.